Angels’ Cut – brief intro

They take his sister, attack his family, and want him dead What’s a guy to do?

Taken meets Bourne Identity – Fabulous!: an intense, gripping, intricate & beautifully written page-turner which I highly recommend.”Simon Denman, UK, best-selling author and founder of Readers in the Know


If you like the Bourne movies and writers like Lee Child, Robert Crais & James Patterson … you’ll love Angels’ Cut and the Angel’s Share series

“Like all other reviewers, I found this book fast-paced, enjoyably unpredictable and just that bit ‘different’ from other action thrillers I’ve read. Sam Duncan is an attractive (and impressive) hero and the generally short chapters keep the book moving; it’s page-turning stuff. The plotting is skilful and there’s enough character-building to prevent this from being merely a series of fast-moving events. In a very competitive field this stands out. Well done Mac Logan!” hillbank68 TOP 500 AMAZON REVIEWER

Fast Track

Eilidh Duncan uncovers a corrupt conspiracy … it’s only a matter of time
The conspirators find Eilidh … uhh-ohh!
Sam Duncan comes to town … he starts digging
He joins some dots … KABOOM!

Angels’ Cut storyline

Eilidh Duncan uncovers a corrupt clique of politicians, officials, bankers, business people and gangsters … all lining their pockets at public expense. She disappears.

With his sister missing, and his family in grave danger, attack is the best from of defence. Sam Duncan infuriates some very powerful people. They will stop at nothing to block his investigation. Sam will stop at nothing to protect his family.

Sam and his wily minder, Tonka, face a gruesome trail of violence (video), murder and duplicity. In London, Ireland and Scotland the slimy tentacles of evil slither out. There’s no safety.

This is gritty Scottish crime fiction: with an international dimension, a thoughtful plot, ferocious action, and well drawn characters.

“… I felt the visceral satisfaction of seeing justice meted out to the abusers of women … as the plot moved on, more parallels to Stieg Larsson became clear. Underlying the surface appeal of this action-packed novel is a serious and passionate effort to portray very real dangers in our contemporary society. Journalists, such as Eilidh Duncan (video), Ai Weiwei, and Anna Politkovskaya, threaten vested interests who don’t wish their real motives to be revealed.” Maryann N, Seattle, USA

Mac introduces The Angels‘ Share Series (video)