Bloody foreigners

… Says who? I arrived late evening, Monday, and now, Wednesday morning, I’m off. I write this on my express train. The dawn is coming.

The city centre of Hannover is lovely. It’s where the roots of our Royal Family lie – could hardly be anything else. The people say hello, it’s clean and the food’s good.

They tell me the city is less pretty where drab 1960’s architecture covered the rubble of World War Two.

bloody foreigners breakfast
simple breakfast

It didn’t rain, so I walked 2 km through the city to a meeting yesterday.

On the way I had breakfast in a small bakery. Wonderful. The woman who served me didn’t speak English and I don’t speak German – but we managed fine in French.

Move mountains?

I had a business meeting yesterday.  We talked about life, the world and everything as one does in the quiet space before a meeting. It seems they nearly moved Hannover 10 kilometres into the countryside after the war, the devastation was so profound.

Fast train

I’ve just left the big city and hurtle towards dawn on a European ICE express … MK1 I’d have to say. The seat is comfy and I’m next to the café-bar. This is the first of four trains I’ll catch on my way to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Here I am travelling at speed through lovely country gradually showing off as a daylight triumphs over a pitch-black night. I’ve enjoyed my stay. The contact with people from my light breakfast to a hearty pub meal in the evening is a happy memory.

Who’s the enemy?

bloody foreigners
downtown Hannover

I am Scottish, a European. I like the Germans and, I fancy, they like me. Back home, more to the south of Hadrian’s Wall, it’s a different story of demonization and political tomfoolery. Divide and rule? or Divide and rue (the day)?

Crazy little thing called trust …

If we held a poll tomorrow to affirm trust in our politicians, would they win a 52/48 vote in their favour? Me? I doubt it. Would you buy a used car from BoJo?

If the politicians lost such a poll by a large margin, there’s only one question our people need to answer – why are we putting our future in their hands?

[Just as I’m about to post this I hear Theresa May aims to sell the NHS as part of an US trade deal – crazy little thing this trust.]

Peace in our time?

It wasn’t a guarantee then and isn’t a likelihood now as ideology and incompetence tear our peaceful world apart. Of course the EU has major failings as does the UK. They need fixing not accusation. They need thought, not incoherent rage. What price common cause?

Charging through a once ravaged landscape, I can’t help but wonder: Is this as good as gets?

Little did I know death was closing in

© Mac Logan